Information for Foreign Students of ISEE

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About This Web Site

This web site is established to help foreign students, foreign post-graduates, and their tutors belonging to Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (or ISEE), Kyushu University, by Assoc. Prof. Tsuneo Nakanishi, who is a faculty staff of ISEE in charge of foreign student affiars and works for the international student center concurrently. Ask Assoc. Prof. Tsuneo Nakanishi by E-mail if you have any request on this web site.

It is no problem that anybody not belonging to ISEE browses this page. However, in the case he/she gets a question, I would like to request him/her to ask a faculty staff in charge of foreign student affairs or a bureau staff of his/her school, his/her supervisor, or International Student Center. Note that some description on this page are possibly specific to ISEE.

When you cannot understand the contents of this web site because of your language problem, do not hesitate to ask your supervisor or tutors.

Handbook for Foreign Student of Kyushu University

The contents shown below are the web version of "Handbook for Foreign Student" published by Kyushu University.

  1. Duties for Enrollment
  2. Japanese Government Scholarship Students (Monkasho Scholars)
  3. Tuition, Fees and Scholarships
  4. College Life
  5. Health
  6. Accommodations
  7. Documents Related to Foreign Students
  8. Procedure for Immigration Services
  9. Leaving Japan
  10. For Foreign Students of ISEE
  11. Yellow Page